5D Butt Kit with Training

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The key to successful butt lifting starts with tight firm skin. Enhance your Vacuum therapy services with 5D Technique. 

5D Butt Sculpting Oil gives you all the slip and slide you need while tightening the skin and stimulating the muscle. Formulated  with Hylaronic acid, Vitamin C, and Argireline. 16oz

5D Butt Sculpting Gel. Finishes off the service with ingredients such as Arnica to help with brushing, Dead Sea to detox, Centella Asistica to firm and fill and MSM to penetrate. Great retail item for client who need lift, firming and cellulite solutions. 8 oz

Take your retail to the next level with 5D Face and Butt Serum. Argireline works as a cosmetic injection and cause muscle contraction, Vitamin C plumps and smoothes, and Hyaluronic acid promotes collagen. 2 oz

5D Butt and Breast Enhancement Cream does exactly what the name suggests. It gives a tightening effect that gives the appearance a firmer and more ample breast or butt when used on a regular basis. Use before cupping  services to increase results.

Bbl Juice. clients misunderstand as we do all of our vacuum cupping services and use all of our creams and serums on the outside of their body they need something on the inside of their body to help with their skin elasticity. This collagen is formulated with vitamin C for added pumping and l-carnitine promote cellulite reduction. Drink 2 tablespoons at bedtime daily for best results.


The use of any of these products are sure to increase body contouring results. Plus add extra revenue to your business as a wholesaler.