Fitox (New Fat dissolve by Armesso)

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FITOX is a synergistic formulation that combines powerful lipo-reducing actives of natural origin that provide a detoxifying, purifying, reducing and maintenance effect. Its concentration in reducing actives allows it to unlock difficult protocols and offer visible results that last over time.


CAFFEINE: Lipolytic that acts on the mobilization and metabolization of free fatty acids.

AMPELOPSIN: Plant extract that forcefully activates lipolysis at different levels and reduces lipogenesis and adipogenesis.

FIT FACTOR: Next-generation Biomimetic Peptides that naturally stimulate lipolysis while reducing lipogenesis and adipogenesis.

ARTICHOKE: Drainer with high systemic and lipolytic detoxifying power.


Lymphatic drainer with high systematic detoxifying power due to its choleretic power.

Powerful multi-action lipolytic capable of unlocking any protocol and obtaining excellent results.