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Body Contouring Supplies Product Kits.

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**These are one time purchase products to try. Most are 8 oz containers. Private label is not available for sample .

kits# Slimming Gels

  1. -Hot Gel is a fat burner best used for body wrapping.
  2. -Cold Gel is a gel used for skin firming .
  3. -Green Tea  is an exfoliant that stimulates circulation and sense. Great prep for other products.
  4. -Lavender Lipo cream drains the body, great for cellulite.
  5. Artichoke Slimming Cream

Kit #2 Anti-Cellulite $115

  1. Anti-Cellulite Gel
  2. Coffee Scrub
  3. Green Coffee Oil
  4. Coffee Body wash
  5. Alga Cafe

Kit  #3 Butt Sculpting $115

  1. BBl Juice
  2. Face and Butt Serum 
  3. 5D Butt Sculpting Oil
  4. 5D Lifting Gel 
  5. Butt and Breast Enhancement Cream
  6. 5D Butt Sculpting Oil

Kit #4 Pain Management $115

  1. Post-op Healing Balm
  2. Post-op Serum
  3. Bruise and Scar Cream
  4. Yoni Balm
  5. Collagen

Kit #5 Weight loss $115

  1. LipoDrops
  2. GlamDrops
  3. Weight loss Collagen 
  4. Skinny Tea
  5. Detox Tea (Mild)

Kit  #6 Back bar S115

  1. Slimming Cavitation Gel
  2. Radio Frequency Glycerin 
  3. Butt Sculpting Oil
  4. Alga Cafe
  5. Coffee Oil
  6. Lavender Lipo

Kit #7 Skin Care $115

  1. Glycolic Exfoliating Wash
  2. Green Tea Scrub
  3. Baby Botox (Hylaronic Acid)
  4. Lifting Gel (Dmae)
  5. Anti-Aging Collagen 

Kit #8 Hair Care $115

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner 
  2. Leave-in
  3. Foam
  4. Edge Tamer
  5. Wax Stick
  6. Glow and Grow Serum
  7. Edge Repair Serum

Kit #9 Hair Sample $99 each 

* Choice of Bundle, Closure or Frontal

Text 206-772-1768 to customize  your sample order for hair.






-Green Coffee Drops are natural fat burners. They stimulate the metabolism and reduce appetite.
-Liquid Fat Burners increase metabolism and suppress appetite without stimulation. Formulated with Garcina Cambogia, Red Raspberry Ketones and African Mango
-GlamSlim Drops (HCG). Low dose of pregnancy hormone and b-12. Real homeopathic drops use with specific 500-800 calorie diet to lose upto 30 lbs in 30 days.
-Acai Berry Cleanse- All natural detox for colon and liver without cramping and urgency.

2 Tiers $220, 3 Tiers $299