10 Glam Tape (Deoxycolic acid)

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Glam Tape. We suggest you wear tape up 10 days to achieve your best results. Glam Slim Tea ir Clean Tea to detox and  flush your colons and help with weight loss. We also suggest Artichoke Collagen because it will speed metabolism and help rid the liver of bile. This combination will have you losing up to 15 pounds off your stomach and 5 inches smaller on your waist in 5-10 days.

Everyone results may vary.

The amount of rolls each individual will need may vary. We suggest you start off with two rolls for best results. If you wear a size 2X or more in shirts, we suggest three rolls.
Limit your activities while wearing Glam Tape. Keep dry at all times.
After shower blow dry. After workout, shower then blow dry or fan dry. Wrap with saran wrap while drying to avoid excess moisture.

When removing the tape, please use oil. Do not remove dry, you will irritate your skin.
The most important is to keep dry; you will irritate your skin, itchiness, and moist blisters may occur.
Try wearing a soft bra or sport bra while wearing the tape; friction from the bra will cause welts and irritation.
Welps may occur if the tape not applied sturdy. Make sure you double


Scrub with Green Tea Firming Scrub 

Clean the whole mid section with 70 percent Alcohol.

Apply you favorite weight loss serum or slimming cream.. We Suggest Glam Tape Serum or Lavender Lipo Cream.

It is very important when wrapping that tape is flat against the skin. Body rolls need to be lifted flat during application.

Keep dry as possible, eat a healthy diet, moderate exercise.

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