GlamCe0,000,000 Business Mentorship Program

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In this Course starting 1/31/22 5pm Pacific, 7pm  Cental and 8pm east meetings will be on tuesdays same time.
will spend the next 90 days implementing the 17 principles of Think in Grow Rich into our businesses and personal lives. We will use the G.L.A.M business strategy of Goal setting, Leveraging, Accomplishments and Momentum.
In this program we will discuss strategies to grow are businesses and social media marketing.
Think an Grow one of the greatest books ever published. As a matter of fact, it is right now #10 on the "Best Selling Books of All Times" list, and it is number one in its category. No other motivational/self-improvement book comes close to it as far as statistics goes. It has incredibly made my life better by making me a better person. It clearly and easily teaches you the 17 principles behind the science of human achievement. The 17 principles that every human being on earth uses every day either the right way, or the wrong way. When you use these principles the right way, you are guaranteed success and happiness. When you use these principles the wrong way, you are guaranteed misery and failure. I have read this book in several editions six times now. 
Using these principles I personally manifested a high 6 figure income, multiple businesses, dream car and a beautiful home. It works! We will walk through the principles together to work towards doubling our efforts from 2022.


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Think Grow Rich workbook 

The Think and Grow Rich Workbook: The Practical Steps to Transforming Your Desires into Riches (Think and Grow Rich Series)

and regular book.

Think and Grow Rich (An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation)

You can also download the audio on youtube.