Hair Factor by Armesso

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Restore Hair growth and hair melanin with Hair Factor.

Alopecia is one of the most frequent problems people have to face these days. treatment of generating new hair follicles with abundant Extracellular Matrix, in order to produce strong roots.

It stimulates the cellular angiogenesis, essential for follicle nourishment and vitality and it also inhibits enzyme 5 – alpha – reductase, the one responsible for increasing levels of DHT. (dihydrotestosterone), responsible for androgenic alopecia. Indicated in capillary growth stimulating treatments.

  • Generate New hair follicles with strong roots
  • Stimulates cellular angiogenesis
  • Nourish the follicle
  • Inhibits the enzymes that increase levels of DHT, which causes atrophy of the hair follicle being responsible for alopecia
  • Promotes hair growth