Pick 3 (10 each) $325 Hot Gel. Cold Gel, 5D Butt Gel or Anti-Cellulite

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Pick 3 of the 7 products listed. 10-8oz jars with Private Labeling. 

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5D Butt Sculpting Gel is a plant based formula, nourishes the muscle cells and enhances the growth of buttock muscles. Enhances non-invasive butt lifting procedures such as EMS, and Vacuum Butt Cupping, for the best non-surgical butt lift.

Thermo-Lipo Gel detoxifies the body, returning it to its normal metabolic balance promoting excess fluid draining and breaks down stubborn cellulite, stimulating microcirculation for radiant skin health. Refines and firms the skin. Good for volume loss in firm legs, this cooling wrap helps reduce the heaviness in legs.

Cold-Firming Gel is a non-prescription body cream that contains fast acting and effective ingredients that works by targeting fat cells (adiposity) with intense cold (ice therapy). CRYO FIRMING GEL  stimulates receivers inside the fat cells of the desired areas which are sensitive to low temperatures.

Butt or Breast Enhancement Cream

Bruise and Scar Cream

Green Tea Firming Scrub 

Anti-Cellulite Gel